Weekly Forecast: September 11-14, 2023 – New Moon In Virgo

wrapAll week long, Leo Venus heads back into square with retro Taurus Jupiter. We want more, whether or not that is actually what’s best for us or is fitting for our values. On Tuesday, Venus begins a month-long sextile to Libra Mars, one that will not come to fruition but will support us through opportunities to make something of ourselves and gain benefits in our relationships and ability to work with others.

Moreover, the Venus-Mars sextile is a chance to lever the odds to our favor. It’s not the chance to take advantage but the opening to create value and improve our standing. Get creative!

Monday’s Sun-ruled Leo Moon sextiles Mars then goes on to conjoins Venus and Juno, highlighting the square to retro Jupiter. Start out on the right foot by using this fiery mood to eschew competitive jealousies and strive for personally meaningful goals (rise above). Nighttime takes the Moon into trine with retro Chiron. Satisfaction comes with a job well re-done and mastered. You learn more if you do it right the second time (or third, or…).

On Tuesday, the Leo Moon finishes up with a square to retro Uranus and shines in balance on the point of a yod from Neptune sextile Pluto (both retro). The distance between where we are and where we long to be doesn’t have to be anxious drudgery. It’s ok to get excited and fired up. Dreams and fear balance in the mood when creative self-assertion takes its rightful place.

The Moon then moves to Mercury-ruled Virgo at the end of the night. Tuesday night through Wednesday morning, the Moon opposes retro Saturn in Pisces. A fiery mood gives way to one of contemplative rumination, under pressure to right wrongs or correct what’s led to our misgivings over issues of conscience. The Virgo Moon goes on to conjoin Mercury (nearing the end of its retro period). Take the time to genuinely reassess data on the reality around you.

On Thursday, the Virgo Moon trines retro Jupiter and retro Uranus as it heads into the new moon conjunction with the Sun. How are we future oriented with so much retrograde reorientation? If you’re going to seal the deal, you’ll need to make sure the deal is the best one possible. In this case, our path forward rests on an earthy foundation of facts – even if those facts are still in flux.

A new moon mood rests of the promise of what we will plan when we are ready, when we know, an open mind. If you can be satisfied and energized through uncertainty, you can manage (and learn!) anything. Be willing and able to change your mind.

Overnight, Juno perfects its square to retro Jupiter. Don’t let pride get in the way of improving your own situation, particularly in regard to a partner. For best results, take the high road. Take your passion on to your next project; don’t waste it.

Friday morning, the Virgo Moon opposes retro Neptune and trines retro Pluto. Again, we don’t know what we don’t know; but it doesn’t have to stand in our way. Even in fog, we tend to know what we don’t want or can’t use. Transform your mood by letting go of what is not necessary. Fear is not necessary. Hologram fear is particularly unnecessary. A mood for service can save us from the specter of self-undoing.

The Moon moves to Venus-ruled Libra in the afternoon and straight into and through conjunction with Pallas Athena… as Mercury stations direct in Virgo. The mood is airy, communicative, cool meets the edge of warmth, and cheery. Lift is achieved. Venus supports Libra Mars as the mood brightens and picks up an air of political shine. We want to make nice, it makes sense to make nice! It’s easy to feel where it could take us, what we have to gain. Be charming, be kind – be ready to gracefully nab that brass ring as we fly by.

Thursday night’s new moon takes place at 21 degrees Virgo. Where does it fall in your chart? A trine to Uranus suggests a pleasant surprise.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: September 11-14, 2023 – New Moon In Virgo”

  1. Thank you for the great news, Satori, it was about time for things to take off, and oddly enough, as you mentioned with so many retrogrades and aneretic degrees!!! The Virgo New Moon is exactly conjoining my ascendant (20°55′). I truly feel new wings sprouting where the old ones were mutilated, really. Blessings to you🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Virgo new moon is on my 21 Virgo Venus, and I have an appointment at my local US Embassy to discuss all the ins and outs of my pending retirement- exactly as you have said!

  3. Hi Satori,
    This New Moon will be in my 9th House, (after flying by my natal 0 degree moon and 2 degree Pluto).
    Taking the high road resonated with me. The person I live with has a birthday tomorrow (we have big fights every year at this time for some crazy reason) and I am feeling it’s time I take the high road, in regards to letting go of any expectations of any outcome for us to be in a “relationship” (we were married, separated and due to life’s circumstances living together but not in a romantic partnership), which when I mistakenly keep assuming we are in (wanting to give spontaneous hugs, joke around, make him breakfast without being asked to etc.) it does not go well. They always say “just be decent”., “I wish you hadn’t done that” or “you are not a leader but you won’t let me lead”. That’s easy enough to do. I’m letting go. Yet if it continues to be their way or the Highway, it’s looking to be the latter for me. I can’t live like this and be free to be myself. Maybe with as you say this Uranus trine, we’ll be pleasantly surprised by something to distract us.

  4. This new moon is conjunct my sun. I’m hoping for good things! Thank you for this encouraging analysis of the current aspects. I’m dealing with some major life/role changes and the past year has been too weird.

  5. Saturn, but that rules my 4th and trines my moon. I have a lot of work to do but I’m also hoping the Moon grand trine makes for some nice nurturing.

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