September 2009

Jupiter statue

Is Happiness Shown In A Natal Chart?

Dear Elsa, I liked your “happiness” posts. I would love to see more astrology on this. What do you look at as a happiness base?  Jupiter? Moon?  Difficult or easy Saturn, Mars, Venus?  Probably everything but do you have a standard procedure for a basic  happy-meter? Wondering in the United States

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The Shadow Side Of Love (A Topic Coming Into Vogue)

As Saturn in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn in the coming months the reality (Saturn/Capricorn) of the shadow side (Pluto) of love (Libra) is going to be your face.  Currently Mercury in Libra squaring is squaring Pluto which opens the door for a dialogue on this topic. With Pluto involved the deeper you go, the

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