January 2010

Archetypal Astro-twins

“So just sit right down, relax, open your ears real wide and say, ‘Give it to me straight, Doctor, I can take it!’ oh I almost forgot, fellow babies… booooooooooooger!”                                   –Dr. Johnny Fever, WKRP in Cincinnati In adolescence young people look around and begin to identify with people outside themselves and their families, often […]

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double pinochle

Strong Hands Marry Strong Hands (Pluto In Capricorn)

I have been doing a lot of consulting, talking to a lot of people from all over the world. With a packed 8th house, I’m sensitive and interested in the collective. I can’t help but pick up on trends. People are sub or semi-consciously moving to secure themselves. This would be in response to Pluto

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pisces gold koi

My Stepdaughter Is a Brat – Pisces Step-mom

Dear Elsa, My husband has a sixteen year old daughter; she’s lived with my husband and me since she was 9. We get along fine until it’s time for her to go see her real mom down in Florida. We start fighting, she starts speaking to me like I’m crap, and she tells her mom

gaslight movie

Who Is Susceptible To Gaslighting & Manipulation in Relationships?

Catch up here – Psychological Games… On being game-y, my friend said she got a lot of power from doing this. She had control. Judging by the comments it seems we may not all be talking about the same thing so let me clarify. My friend would engage a man. She would be very attentive

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