December 2011

Gaunt Capricorn Risings

Annalisa has lost 10 pounds (probably more) since our mother fell ill. She is naturally very thin so it’s got to be alarming.  I think I have lost some weight as well and I am wondering if we both won’t wind up quite gaunt looking with Saturn on the angles of our chart for 6

Who You’re Attracted To And Why

It’s been awhile since we talked about “imprints” as far as a person having an organic attraction to a certain physical type but I like the topic and think it’s important.  Here are some prior posts on the topic that cover various angles.  Saturn in Libra topic because we’re defining tastes. Who Do You Love?

Astrology And Music

“I’ll shoot the Moon right out of the sky…” –Tom Waits Neptune and Venus are associated with music. Leo and the 5th house are associated with creativity. Mercury is the senses and the voice. So where do we find our capacity and tastes for music? All of these can be involved, in combination. Other planets

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