January 2016

How To Compensate When Your Chart Lacks One Element

Hi Elsa! If a person lacks one element in their chart-for example, I have no fire-then is it difficult for them to be friends with people with an emphasis in that element? I’ve noticed that my acquaintances belong to all sorts of signs, but in the core group of friends, there isn’t a single Leo/Sadge/Aries. Is there

Who Fault Is It When You Can’t Solve A Problem?

We all have problems and/or things we have to come to terms with. Some people are more successful at doing this than others. I’ve been watching this and thinking about it a lot lately, because it’s personal to me.  I don’t want to be in endless pain over something, I can’t resolve. I want to

Does Love Ever Die?

I’ve heard that once you love someone, you’ll always love that person. I tend to agree with this…but I do have Venus square Neptune in my chart. What do you think? Does love ever die? If not, what sustains it?

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