July 2019

vintage zodiac plate

Using The Natal Chart Of Your Business

Hi Elsa! I just started a new business. I am excited about it and have a great feeling deep in my bones. As a new member here, I would love advice about how to use astrology to get a sense of my new baby’s personality, opportunities, and challenges. Are some types of charts better for


Couple Has Great Chemistry – Breaks Up Anyway

Hi, Elsa I feel energy and chemistry in relationships, very strongly. It’s either there or it’s not. However, what baffles me is if you feel completely at ease with someone, romantically, and the energy is fantastic coming and going both ways. The other person acknowledges the strong connection… and then the other person decides to


Jupiter and Chiron in Synastry

A combination that doesn’t get much attention in synastry is Jupiter and Chiron. Jupiter is the planet of joy, optimism, expansion, and opportunity, while Chiron is the wounded healer, the place where we perennially ache, and through that find our own strength. Not exactly an intuitive duo, is it? So what happens when the two

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