September 2021

mars god of war

More About The Mars Return

Your Mars return occurs approximately once every two years. Mars represents raw, male, energy. It wants, it drives, it fights, it strives, it pushes, it asserts…itself to the front of the line. Mars also represents courage and heroism. It acts.


Is Uranus a Benefic or Malefic?

If astrologers are divided about Neptune, then they’re REALLY divided about Uranus. Uranus is about sudden change. Uranus is unfettered progress. It seeks to overthrow the existing order at all costs. And that, as we know, can be a pretty iffy situation. So which is it? Is Uranus benefic or malefic? As always, myth is

Neptune rough sea

Is Neptune a Malefic?

There’s a lot of discussion among astrologers about how to classify Neptune. And in classic Neptune fashion, confusion abounds. Some say Neptune is a little slice of divinity, the higher octave of Venus and the symbol of unconditional love. Others say it is an obvious malefic, throwing human lives off course and causing us to

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