September 2021

What Is A Stellium?

Sometimes the planets bunch up together in the sky. When this happens, you usually hear about it on the news. Babies are born during these times. If you are one of them, then you have a “stellium” in your chart. People who have stelliums in their charts have a focus on one sign or house.

sun by john

Sun: What Kind Of Father Are You?

The sun in astrology is associated with the father. Leo fathers are a lot of fun. They play games with their kids. They’ll get on the floor and play with their kids. I love this!


Moon: What Kind Of Mother Are You?

“Aries moon wants to be independent from their kids or perhaps she wants to lead them as if they were troops! It’s not all bad. Consider the opposite. When there’s a lack of leadership…” I wrote that for a client. Every sign has it upside and it’s downside. What kind of mother are you? What


Saturn Square Uranus: Snap Of It!

“Are you prepared to buy her cocaine, booze and other drugs?” I asked a client this morning. He’s a regular, I’ve worked with for years. “No, I’m not buying her cocaine.” “Well then she’s not interested in you because that’s what she wants…”

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