September 2022

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Offering vs Withholding

I have a friend who routinely give people what they want. If a person  likes to be encouraged, she encourages them. If you want to be alone, she’ll leave you alone. If you want to talk, she’ll talk. Further, if she knows you don’t want to do or talk about X , she will not […]

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Venus In Virgo Opposite Neptune Effects

When Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, sacrifices are made. You may find yourself disillusioned with others as the veil lifts and you see that no one is perfect… including you. This aspect is exact on September 24th.  Your level of self-esteem can ebb and flow as the tide goes in and out on


Indications Of Problems With Friends

What are the markings of rough relationships with friends, e.g. transits/progressions/solar return chart? – From Sweden This is complex question because “rough” can mean almost anything. So can, “friends”. Traditionally speaking, friends are associated with the 11th house. If Mars is transiting your 11th house, you may fight with your friends.  A Pluto transit can

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