February 2023


Email Consultations Available

I have not been doing email consultations for several months. I’ve just made them available in the store.  You can also purchase using the paypal module. If I get a lot them, I may be a bit slower than normal. I continue to be available via phone, skype or zoom. Thank you!

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Three Outer Planet Transits, Simultaneously

Sometimes I talk to someone who has all three outer planets transiting their chart at the same time. I’m not talking about opening up the orbs so wide, this situation becomes usual.  I’m talking about tight orbs; three hardcore outer planet transits hitting you at once. This was a common scenario back in 2019-20 when

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Knowledge & Forgiveness

“To understand everything is to forgive everything.” -Madame de Stael What a provocative remark. I tend to think this is probably true but I can’t check it because it’s impossible to understand everything! I lean this way because I came to understand a lot of things that were previously hidden from me, during my 12th

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