March 2023

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Saturn In Pisces: Compassionate People Set Boundaries

In an ideal world there are no limits to compassion. In the real world, limits exist. This is a primary thing we’ll learn during Saturn’s transit of Pisces. During this transit, Pisces will suffer until and unless they overcome the block the prevents them from creating boundaries with people who routinely drain their energy.  This […]

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Your Progressive Views Are Revolting!

It’s a provocative title but it’s accurate. And I’m not talking about your progressive views and I’m not talking about politics. I’m taking about my progressive views. My Uranus-ruled original, independent, astrological view of the future is repulsive. This month has been trying for most everyone.  Seeing it coming ahead of time is a gift,

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How Will Pluto In Aquarius Affect Aquarians?

Medium Marie asked: “…How is Pluto in AQ going to affect us Aquarians? More zig-zaggy than we already are? I’m feeling the need to do something drastically different and am taking steps to make that happen. Complete career change. Is that a possible effect? Positive upheaval?” This is an enormously huge and interesting question.  Pluto breaks

Venus and Taurus

Venus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus: March 30, 2023

Venus will conjunct Uranus in Taurus on March 30th at 16 degrees. This pair is independent, meaning the conjunction is unaspected. Love and money surprises with no additives! I know it’s scary out there, but this could easily indicate a favorable turnaround, simply because Venus is a benefic planet and in it’s home sign. I

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