August 2023


Wearing A Mask With Nothing On Your Face

I wonder when or if we will ever be “maskless” again. I’m talking about being able to move around in the world and talk to people, freely. I understand this can be done in certain circumstances with certain people at certain times, but by and large, a day like this is nowhere to be found. […]

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What Type Of Content Would You Like To See Here?

I’m mulling the future of this blog.  I have some ideas but I’ve not yet committed.  2023, headed for 2024, what type of content would you like to see here? I’m asking in part because in teaching the Blood & Guts class, it seems a good percentage of people who read here know quite a


Effects Of Six Planets Retrograde – Chaos!

Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are all retrograde at the moment. I have intended to be zen about this. I’ve been successful so far.  However, I can’t help but note the chaos out there. That’s satori’s idea, by the way.  That’s the word she used, yesterday. The hurricane, the financial markets, the layers of

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