November 2023


Sick Of Superficial Connection?

I had a gal mention her frustration with with how superficial our relationships have become, overall. Basically, people agree on very little, or so it appears.  Consequently people keep all discourse, lite! I suppose this is may be relieving for some. No one wants to live in a war zone. The problem is, just the […]

full moon

Born Under A Full Moon

Hi Elsa, I was born under a full moon, is there significance to that? Or more significance, I should say. I know each moon phase holds different meaning. Do eclipses or full moons impact me differently? Gal in Vancouver, Canada Yes, being born under a full moon is significant. It means you have a sun

what me worry

“Liquidity” – The Word On Everyone’s Lips

We’re done with the picky stuff now. The moon is at home in Cancer. If you experience stress today, it will most likely be tied to Mercury square Neptune or Saturn in Pisces. It’s interesting because Saturn in Pisces is beating many to a pulp, but they miss and blame something else. Misdiagnosis, which is

mother and sons

Mothers Estranged From Their Adult Children

Holding a grudge has become a way of life for many. I don’t know that my perspective is trustworthy on this as my family is given to blood feuds!  Also, my parents were both hard-core Aquarians and not prone to clinging. I’m going to offer it anyway, just start this conversation. I just mentioned, Longstanding

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