Aries Mars vs. Scorpio Mars

The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.”
                      –Ernest Hemingway (Mars in Virgo)

Which Mars is better, which Mars would win? This is a type of question that comes up not infrequently. Mars’ rulership is both Aries and Scorpio (though Scorpio is Pluto-ruled as well) so it makes for an easier comparison.

Many are familiar with the popular movie Gladiator and the psychological and martial battle between the film’s main characters, Maximus and Commodus. Arguments could be made for these characters having either Mars placement. Maximus was a man of action and apparently simple strategy (Aries) until forced to become secretive (Scorpionic trait) to meet his challenges. Commodus was scheming and dark (lower expression of Scorpio) in his approach but in execution his moves in the moment were relatively unplanned, more Arian. Ultimately Maximus prevailed over Commodus. As the “good guy” he expressed the higher characteristics of whatever was his Mars, where Commodus expressed the lower.

Mars in Aries is the simplest Martial Mars. Scorpio Mars would be considered the deeper of the two. Scorpio Mars has a strategic approach to competition. While Aries Mars employs martial strategy it is of a more straightforward type. Action vs. Forethought would be the key in this comparison. Which is “better”? I don’t think either is better. I think each has its merits and in high expression would be well met in the other.

That’s the key. Whatever Mars you possess can win on its own merit, provided you own your Mars, “rock” it, and express its highest character.

Where is your Mars? How do you “fight”?


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  1. Mars is Stronger in Aries. It gives the person very strong willpower and willingness to fight and in extreme situations-the strength of a T-Rex. They fight like they are possessed by a demon. The pure Mars energy pours out of them in battle.
    Mars in Scorpio is strong too but not as strong as it is in Aries. It is more careful here. It also attacks in different ways. It can wear it’s opponents will down until they are walking on eggshells. They are good at inspiring fear and intimidation in people in a very subtle way and can resort to a lot of psychological warfare. Of course when the time calls-they will fight.They’re not nearly as strong as Aries so strategy is used. While Aries runs through his enemies openly and makes quick work out of them, Scorpio mars wins by using the enviroment and things around him to his advantage. If they are on a mission-they will attack when their opponent is weak-stripped of his will. They can resort to a lot of predatory behavior. They are a lot more dangerous if they are someone who knows who you are.

  2. Often times with my Scorpio rising with saturn and pluto in scorpio-conjunction. I notice I am the most “dangerous” to others when I actually have positive intentions. Negativity never gets me anywhere. When I am positive though and I take a good look at myself, I am always full of love-compassion, concern for my fellow man-on a very deep inner level-and i am always digging, finding, putting everything together-and using that to try to help the other person get past… whatever they need to get past and people are fucking terrified of me because i know they feel naked in front of me-and sometimes i wish people wouldn’t but if you know what you know-you can’t really unknow it. but i keep what i know a secret. people know i know because subtely i say things to let them that i know-it’s funny how words and situations tend to fit together at the right time and right place-synchronosity but once again-nothing intentionally-it’s a spiritual unfolding. it reaches a spiritual climax where the energy of pluto pours out of me and they are transformed forever-their eyes opened.
    I swear though-you’ll never get anywhere with a Taurus. I don’t even think they understand these things at all nor could you make them understand it. LOL.

  3. Mars in Taurus conjunct North Node. Wanna know how I fight? I see a face-I punch it, kick it, headbutt it. I see a neck-i choke it, I see an arm-i twist or pull it, i see a liver-i bash it, i see open balls ready to be kicked-i kick them, i see an opening, i pick you up and slam you… i know you are stronger than me-ok, i defend, i cover up, i protect and save my breath, now you are tired-and i am not-now i will freely do all of the above with no resistance. that’s how i fight. and if all else fails-out last him. make him use his energy-make him tired-then beat him. i’m the last to pick up the sword and the last to put it down.

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    I am Mars in Scorpio with Moon in the 8th House. I am deadly. You mess with my heart, you will suffer.

  5. I’ve read all the comments and I think that there are fascinating observations about Mars.

    When reading just Mars signs descriptions, Scorpio Mars resonates with me to the T, even though I actually have Taurus Mars. However, I think that depending on the aspects to Mars, other planets can modify how Mars work in not so recognizable ways…

    If I was to say I have Taurus Mars, most would quickly conclude that I’m calm and lazy. If you take a closer look at how Mars works in my chart, good luck beating me in competition. I’m actually a huge ball of unstoppable energy. My Aries and Scorpio Mars friends concede to me in argument and lack the energy to physically outlast me.

    I have Algol Taurus Mars in 8th house that conjunct Chiron, trine Libra Jupiter, trine Libra Saturn, oppose Scorpio Uranus, sextiles Pisces Moon (exact), inconjunct Libra Pluto, and trine AC.

    Yes. I do look sweet and I’m friendly but I don’t trust anyone and I always carry something with me just in case. I’ve had a quite a few physical altercations when I was under 21. I always won and I was never afraid to break rules or bones as long as the objective was me being able to live another day. I never started fights but the moment someone lays an unfriendly hand on me, it’s their funeral. I become a chaotic and erratic mass of energy that will turn everything to hell and I won’t stop until I’m satisfied with the level of punishment or I am so full of rage that I black out after obliterated my enemy.

    I grew up in an abusive home where on the outside, we were calm and lovely, but the inside was a war zone. By the time I was 4, I knew what death meant and at 6, out of rage against my Scorpio father for beating my mother up, I stabbed him and sent him to the hospital. I was so overloaded with rage that I blacked out from my chaotic attack. Everytime I am involved on a physical altercation, I see nonstop red and think of my father bashing my mother’s lights out. My anger is very deep rooted…much like Scorpio Mars.

  6. I have placements in both signs but my mars is in Taurus. With my Scorpio Rising I feel my most intense hatred, destructiveness, visciousness, cruelness, the desire to do the worst I can do(I never do though), struggle to survive- comes from my Scorpio placements. I feel my athletic ability, fierceness, determination, and desire to win and prove myself comes from my Sun in Aries. Mars in Scorpio(from what i’ve seen) is humble, vindictive, calculating, cunning, cutting deep, and manipulative while Mars in Aries is confrontational, in your face, quick to embrace violence, quick to forget about it(as if it was nothing), and last but not least-extremely courageous to the point of having a death wish. If you put these two placements together the outcome is pretty obvious. Mars is more a struggle to survive in Scorpio, Mars defends the ego in slippery ways in Scorpio-and is very good at gathering resources, avoiding danger, detecting trouble and avoiding it, ect-like an animal. Mars in Aries defends the ego simply by using force-pure, raw, Martian energy. Mars in Aries wins. Noting from personal experiance, Mars in Scorpio will often test the Mars in Aries until they realize the force they just reckoned with and quickly back off(not worth it). I’ve seen this happen many times since Mars in Scorpio can’t help it but to challenge other people in sublte passive aggressive ways-while Mars in Aries can go from being excitable and sunny, to extremely hostile in seconds. I honestly think fighting, conflicts, competition, and duels are more of an Aries thing and what Aries represents in the zodiac while Scorpio while Scorpio more so representing our struggle to survive as a homo-sapien of this Earth. Learning the deeper secrets of the universe and simply accepting life for what it is.

  7. “Mars is Stronger in Aries. It gives the person very strong willpower and willingness to fight and in extreme situations-the strength of a T-Rex. They fight like they are possessed by a demon. The pure Mars energy pours out of them in battle.”

    = ME.

  8. Im scorpio even when i was 14 yrs old, im funny but my siblings find me annoying, then sometimes when we fight verbally it is inevitable to lead to body contacts, my sister is virgo she was 1 y older than me, she hits me but i do not hit her because im controlling myself, but my 3 sisters back then were affraid of me, after that , sometimes they call me demon if they get angry to me, even tough i didn’t hit my sister,
    Then another experience was when i am 18 or 19 , me and our younger sister (taurus) had this fight also, its just the same, its like she were affraid that she keep on hitting me in the face with a bowl, i want to hit her, but im just controlling myself, anyways my cheekbone swelled for almost 3 days, haha but im lucky i controlled my temper, if not, maybe i hit her hard on the face, but im planning to punch her at her stomach also while shes hitting me, it seems that i always think of 3 plans in critical moments, shes lucky i chose the Plan C, if not ,damn, maybe she’s still at the hospital until now. (btw its hard to make plans while someones already hitting on your face). I still need to practice on how to control my Emotion. because if i cannot, its too risky , the outcome will be ( Im going to jail ).

  9. O.K. so if I were a fight manager or something of that like and were going to send my very best man in to fight for a million dollars(based on mars sign alone), I would definitely send in the Mars in Aries, without even thinking about it. The fact that he is the best I have is a given and shouldn’t even be up for debate, if not, I would like to see a good example of a Mars in Scorpio beating a Mars in Aries. But if I had to have send someone to go in and get me dirt on someone, or find out some kind of information, like a private investigator of some sort, I wouldn’t hesitate to send Mars in Scorpio first.
    I don’t think Scorpio even represents combat of any kind in Astrology. It could represent a lot of shady things though but little to do with competition even though they may be destructive. Often the sting of Scorpio comes when there is no expecting it. Scorpio is more about investigating, knowing, and transforming. Often I notice things like fights, brawls, sports competition, or any kind of “battle”, even courtroom battles tend to take place when planets are in Aries, not Scorpio.

  10. Mars in Scorpio all the way! I’m Mars in Scorpio.since Scorpio is the most powerful sign overall because it has final form of phoenix, so its element becomes fire & mars is planet of fire so mars in Scorpio rules whereas Aries suck!!! its so yucky!!!

  11. I think the advantage that Scorpio Mars has is that it will go to my lengths to win. I’ll even hurt Myself if it’ll get me further. Honestly my own lack of scruples when it comes to confrontation scares me. Which actually makes me more docile. I pick my battles because I know I can take it anywhere when I do engage.

  12. I think Mars in Aries (equal 8th house) trine Jupiter in Sag (also strong in domicile). That same Mars parallel Pluto in declinations is the strongest. You don’t want to piss a Mars like that off, trust me. Hehe

  13. A Mars in Scorpio male I knew was a career gaslighter and couldn’t tolerate threats to his ego or anyone who was less than impressed with the credentials he compulsively bragged about.

  14. He did have a vicious edge to him though, I wouldn’t have wanted him as an adversary. I did my Mars in Pisces thing and kicked him to the curb without informing it had been done.

  15. He was. And you know, the first time I ever saw him the first word that flashed through my mind was “harsh.” Was exactly right. And he’s in a helping profession too. Of course.

  16. Mars in Pisces does sometimes have an intuitive sense for who will become violent the very first time they meet the person. Mars in Pisces isn’t much of a fighter, but once attacked, Mars in Pisces is only interested in killing if he/she has half a chance. The sign’s energy does not enjoy the thrill or the mind-fuck or the power from proving oneself. It’s a perceptive placement, and realizes it could easily have the tables turned, or lose the fight, so it simply wants to end things as fast as possible, I think, and finds holding back to avoid a murder charge rather counter-intuitive. 7th House Mars in Pisces opp 1st House Pluto.

    1. I don’t know if I’ve ever come across a Mars in Pisces. I’m sure I have haha, but I just didn’t know it. Mars in water placements scare me honestly. That’s why I always treat people with respect though and typically there aren’t even any problems at all. I think everyone would kill though if it meant defending their life or other people’s lives.

  17. I feel like all 3 can be a force to be reckoned with. I mean Bruce Lee was/is a Mars in Scorpio and he is easily one of the greatest physical prowesses/warriors that ever lived. Also, just a food for thought but isn’t Mike Tyson a Mars in Cancer? I could be wrong but Mars in Cancer can be ruthless as well. They can all be dominant in their own ways. I think it’s too narrow minded to say that a person will definitely win just because said person has x, y, and z placements….I mean, I’m sure a Mars in Virgo that has 30 years of experience in boxing or something would beat any placement no matter Taurus, Aries, or Scorpio just because of the sheer experience that the person has. Just because you can turn angry like the Hulk doesn’t mean that you’ll win in a fight. Now, with that being said, I do truly believe some signs are more comfortable or suitable for physical combat. Hell I’m sure if a Mars in Pisces really wanted to learn how to defend themselves well in combat they could do it if their hearts desired that. It’d be perfect in my opinion because not only would they deflect everything you throw at them but they would also unconsciously psyche you out too. For example, “I’ve thrown everything I have at this person and it’s like it doesn’t even phase him/her.”

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