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Pluto torment

Sudden Death Of A Lover: Pluto Transit

Hi Elsa, In September 2001, my boyfriend died suddenly. We had lived together for nine years and had known each other for more than ten. I cannot seem to move on with the romantic end of my life. I’ve done both grief counseling and support groups, but I’m not letting go. Our relationship wasn’t perfect […]

pluto roman god of underworld

She’s Sexually Frustrated and Unsatisfied

Hi Elsa, My boyfriend and I are opposites in many ways. Our common ground seems to be shrinking and our sex drives, while always mismatched, are vastly different now. He seems to be content with a largely platonic relationship while I need to connect with someone sexually in order to maintain a feeling of closeness.

A Man and His Mars – Part Three

I heard once that people showed you their stuff within the first five minutes. The claim was if you paid attention, you could determine the entire course of an interaction in the first few moments of meeting someone. I had tested this theory many years prior and found it quite valid. So after various trial

A Man and His Mars – Part Two

It’s amusing to me, I learned to guess a man’s Mars sign while out looking for sperm. I have already copped to having done this and so no one should be shocked. This was a dozen years ago. I had met a Capricorn who told me that I was “nothing but a mother looking for

sun moon

A Man and His Mars – Part One

If you’re an astrologer and willing to admit it publicly, invariably you will be asked to guess people’s Sun signs. In a party setting I mean. This is exceedingly difficult to do. Legend has it that one renowned astrologer used to agree to guess, on the condition the person answer one question. The question? “When

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