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Losing Friends & Lack Of Trust

I value communication more than most. With a packed 8th house, I’ve always had an inner circle. These are people I can talk to about anything. Literally, anything. The planets have aligned in such a way; my entire inner circle is ill, if not gravely ill. Two of them have already passed. I’ve heard of this […]

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The Flavor Of Your Disenchantment

Many are disillusioned at this time. It could be you’re disillusioned with your job, your country, your family, friends, spouse, the world, the internet, certain professions, or even your entire life in general. You probably have a good reason! I wondered if it might help to vent. What has you disillusioned? I wonder if the

total eclipse

Getting A Grip On Life In The “Now”

I’m caught at the moment as the astrology community is in an uproar over the April eclipse.  If you’re looking for clicks, this is the way. I feel it’s distracting and damaging.  Rather than do something productive or self-improving, you wind up, transfixed, waiting for the sky to fall. It steals your time and energy.

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Pluto landscape

Pluto In Virgo in The 8th House – Concentrated Mental Power

There’s a discussion in the forum about Pluto transiting the 8th house.  I have Pluto in the 8th (in Virgo), natally.  It’s a great placement as it puts the planet in it’s natural house. The main thing you hear about this transit is it indicates a natural affinity for psychology. I agree with this, fully. 

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How Or What Do You Present Yourself When You Meet Someone New?

In astrology, it’s common to refer to the ascendant as a person’s “first handshake”.  This is true outside of the fact it’s not nearly that simple. I’m writing this to pair with an earlier post. If you care about relationships and if what I assert in that post is true, it makes sense to consider

illusion of control

Saturn In Pisces & Illusion

The phrase, “fateful decision” ran through my mind. It’s a dramatic way of framing something, that’s not necessarily attached to reality.  How much control do we have over our fate, anyway?  It’s a lot less than I used to think. The illusion of control has been strong for a long time.   As one example of

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