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mental holocaust

Saturn & Neptune In Pisces: Brain Melting – Cognitive Holocaust

I’ve was served this on Twitter. I’m not very familiar with the writer but I have to agree with him.  You can click that picture to enlarge it. I remember when a person’s odds of getting dementia seemed remote. Alzheimer’s Disease International now reports, 80% of the general public fear this diagnosis.  Of course! We

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What Makes A Planet Afflicted?

“…what makes, in your view and experience, a planet truly afflicted? You’re a well grounded astro professional (I actually mean “your-feet on the ground, so you can bring other there too) and your life experience is a gem…” Elevated Neptune on The Day After The Neptune Veil Drops Thanks for the question.  Mars and Saturn are


Humans Living In A Post-Truth Society?

I read this claim or accusation, almost all Americans argue in bad faith.  Specifically,  we are a post-truth society, where people say things and argue things they don’t even believe.   This was the observation of a foreigner (or a bot, how would I know?)  But this particular person/bot’s content is consistently original and intelligent. I

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life savers

The Red String Of Fate

On the Things That Make You Go, Hmm, front, my husband and I were talking about situations where couples don’t seem to have the ability to separate.  They get together, separate, swirl around and wind up back together. They might be quite sick of each other and truly want to get away, but they find

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