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Rat Poison Media – Saturn In Pisces: Fear & Faith

I wrote, “Saturn in Pisces supports those who have faith while disabling those who do not.” Pan remarked, “My younger friends anticipate blood in the streets; I fervently pray we are better than that.” See: Dissatisfaction With Your Life. This disturbs me to no end.  I hate the idea, younger people are scared of unending […]

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mental holocaust

Saturn & Neptune In Pisces: Brain Melting – Cognitive Holocaust

I’ve was served this on Twitter. I’m not very familiar with the writer but I have to agree with him.  You can click that picture to enlarge it. I remember when a person’s odds of getting dementia seemed remote. Alzheimer’s Disease International now reports, 80% of the general public fear this diagnosis.  Of course! We

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What Makes A Planet Afflicted?

“…what makes, in your view and experience, a planet truly afflicted? You’re a well grounded astro professional (I actually mean “your-feet on the ground, so you can bring other there too) and your life experience is a gem…” Elevated Neptune on The Day After The Neptune Veil Drops Thanks for the question.  Mars and Saturn are


Humans Living In A Post-Truth Society?

I read this claim or accusation, almost all Americans argue in bad faith.  Specifically,  we are a post-truth society, where people say things and argue things they don’t even believe.   This was the observation of a foreigner (or a bot, how would I know?)  But this particular person/bot’s content is consistently original and intelligent. I

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