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The Red String Of Fate

On the Things That Make You Go, Hmm, front, my husband and I were talking about situations where couples don’t seem to have the ability to separate.  They get together, separate, swirl around and wind up back together. They might be quite sick of each other and truly want to get away, but they find […]

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What If My Chart & My Life Is Horrible?

Hey, Elsa! I was just wondering if you have a horribly hard chart and have had a really rough life of forty-plus years and the rest of it is not looking any better, is it changeable or is it set in stone? Is my blueprint that I’m stuck with a whole life of hell? Is

Can Fate Be Changed?

Let’s say you’re a soldier, ordered into battle where odds are that you will not survive.  If this were me, I would probably accept and ultimately embrace this as my fate. I’d follow the order and I would either die or not.

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Can You Avoid Your Destiny?

Speaking of hearing your calling, my husband told me he was called to soldiering similarly to how priests are called to the priesthood.  He described how he tried to avoid it to appease other people but every time he tried to get away he was thrown back to it. Eventually he quit resisting. His relationship

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