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Relating astrology to real life

Rock garden

Dealing With An Adult Neighborhood Bully

Elsa, We have a neighborhood bully. He is an older gentleman, recently retired as he owned a landscaping business and recently moved to the neighborhood. The gentleman is married and his son and grandchild also moved to the neighborhood as an investment (beyond my understanding) I had one extremely unpleasant interaction with him while I […]


Grappling With Reality In 2024

Dealing with aging, job loss, illness, etc.  Just off the phone with an entrepreneur. We brainstormed his options, given the current conditions. Smart use of time, energy and resources. It’s rough ahead! Quit being gaslit and get yourself together? Related: Adapting To The Gig Economy Do you have a realistic view of of the future?

ben and elsa

Making Real Friends In The Post Covid Era

“How do you form deep friendships in your later years? You don’t have time on your side, and it can be difficult to meet people. Let me know when you find the answer, Elsa.” – Margaret on Losing Friends & Lack Of Trust I said I’d follow up on this. I waited to see if

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