Astrological profiles of celebrities

The Astrology Of Dexter – Michael Hall

I am now watching the entire season of Dexter for the 2nd time. I was late into the game; my daughter had told me about the show years ago, but it just didn’t seem like something I was into…. What was I, crazy? Scorpio Moon me looooves that psychopathic blood-splatter analyst stuff. But the man […]

What Markers In A Chart Indicate Fame?

Hi Elsa, I’m wondering if there is any indication in a chart or any common thread between fame and people. Where we could see if a person is somehow prone to be in the spotlight. Seems like a vain question but; why not?! P Hi, P. Looking at the charts of famous people over all these years,

George Jones & Tammy Wynette

My husband is listening to a book tape about Tammy Wynette’s life.  She had that signature song, ‘Stand By Your Man”.   Apparently people gave her a bunch of crap about it. This was 1968, so women’s lib was coming up. Tammy was completely bewildered by the reaction. She just couldn’t see anything wrong with the

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