Looking at death, from many angles…

Death, Jealousy, Manipulation and Destiny

“You’ll probably be just like my grandmother,” my husband said. “My grandfather was in the hospital, he’s all old, he’s dying and my grandmother would not let the nurses give him a sponge bath. She made them let her do it.” “Yeah, well that’s exactly what I’d do, you know that. I’d get in bed with

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What About The Peter Pan Syndrome?

I was talking to a pal last night… “What happens to these Peter Pan Syndrome types when they get their cancer diagnosis? You know. Play your whole life and then they tell you that you’ve got cancer. How do you cope then? What do they do? I would like to find some psychologically sophisticated nurses


Manipulating Energy – Death And Money: Pluto, Scorpio And The 8th House

I was talking to my husband about my position on the exchange of energy that takes place when someone dies… “The idea you inherit energy is no different than when someone dies and someone else gets their money, This is something everyone understands. Some rich guy dies and his money goes out all over. Ultimately

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