Jupiter in aspect to Uranus, by transit or in a natal chart..

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What Are The Effects Of Outer Planet Transits?

Outer planet transits hit hard.  They change your life. When Pluto transited my Sun, I wrote on an astrology mailing list about my encounter with the business end of Scorpio. It had been years since I ran into such intensity.  I was simultaneously wrecked and empowered, but above all, I was changed. Related posts: Pluto […]


More Crazy Grace (Jupiter Uranus)

Really, I can barely believe this has happened. Once upon a time there was this couple, they lived in Texas.  They came across this insane deal on this beautiful, ultra-high end bedroom set. They could not believe their luck. They could not believe the price they paid for this furniture…this was back in the late


Jupiter Trine Uranus – Lucky Break This Week

There may be a lot of angst out there, but there is a bright, exciting spot.  Jupiter in Leo is trining Uranus in Aries at this time. Both planets are supported by the Moon and Mercury in Gemini. Some are going to catch some kind of break with this. They’ll be an opportunity open up. What


You Mean The Rules Apply To Me, Too?

If you have Jupiter well-placed, you’re probably pretty confident. Okay, you’re probably very confident. You’re probably inflated in some way…I mean, you’re probably inflated in many ways. I know I am. If you happen to have Jupiter tied to Uranus (rebellion), like I do, you probably think that rules don’t apply to you, because you’re

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