Jupiter in aspect to Uranus, by transit or in a natal chart..

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Fortunes Change & Fast

I am not sure how to integrate storytelling into my blog in this era but a lot of people have let me know they like my stories showing up or back up, in some cases. I know this: true stories teach astrology like nothing else.  I tell stories, organically, I don’t know how else to […]


Jupiter Quincunx Uranus: November 2018

I was checking out a friend’s solar return chart. I noticed that Jupiter was inconjunct (quincunx) Uranus.  This is an incredible marker in a chart. I have this in my natal chart so I’ve had a lot of experience with it.  You can click the tag – Jupiter Uranus This combination is super (Jupiter, over

Astrology, Real Life

Failing To Act On Your Insight

Have you ever had an idea or insight arrive in a flash? You’re really moved to do something but you simply do not act. I’ve done this a number of times. I know why I resist. It’s because I often do act on impulse and it irks people to no end.

Astrology, Real Life

What Causes A Person To Be Unpredictable?

I’ve become unpredictable. It’s possible I have always been unpredictable. If so, I’ve become more unpredictable! I’ll explain. My husband is psychic and visionary.  Ten years ago he warned me to expect a particular thing to occur. It was a horrifying prospect at the time. He felt this situation would develop and it would hurt

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