All about Libra. Sun, Moon, rising, etc…

Apollo chasing Daphne

Why Does the Sun Fall in Libra?

The Sun is the glittering, shining core of who we are. It is the very essence of our being. It is the vehicle of our individuation. It makes sense that it can shine more in certain signs than others, but how can the Sun ever really fall? Let the tale of Apollo and Daphne be […]

wishy washy

Wishy Washy Types vs Rigid Type Personalities

Libra is generally considered “wishy washy” with Pisces falling in close behind. I have significant Libra. I don’t consider myself wishy washy but it may be because Mars is involved. Sometimes I pass on expressing an opinion because  know I could argue both sides. If I do make a statement, I rarely back off it.

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