mars in pisces

Mars in Pisces

Mars Conjunct Neptune: Will The Real Perpetrator Please Stand Up!

The Mars Neptune conjunction is hard to read. A person might be inspired to lead… or they may avoid conflict. Imagining taking action and taking action are not the same thing.  You may have to act (Mars) on faith (Neptune). Mars with Neptune can also describe – Deception With Malice. Gaslighting in some form is not

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ingrid bergman gaslight

Can Gaslighting Be A Good Thing?

I wrote about “gaslighting” in today’s newsletter – Invisible Gas Attack. A reader in the United States asks: “That term Gaslighting, could it be a type of hypnosis? And could there ever be a time, you feel, it could be for a good rather than just for selfish purpose? De demonization things can sometimes help

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