All about the Mars in the natal chart…


Gifting And Mars

“It is better to have loafed and lost, than never to have loafed at all.” –James Thurber Mars placement is indicative of how one acts. Venus expresses your esthetic, what you like and value. I’d say Venus plays a big part in the types of gifts a person is likely to pick out, but Mars,

scorned woman

Are Women More Vicious Than Men?

My husband is a man’s man. He’s an alpha male who has spent his entire life working in male dominated professions like the military, machining and trucking.  He’s got a lot of insight into the male psyche. He once told me he felt all women were vicious. It sparked the post linked below. Coming across

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mars bottle cap

MARS! Is Your Anger Overt Or Hidden?

When I think of Mars, I think of raw male energy. I like Mars. For example, I married an alpha male. I love a hero and I respect a person who can lead. I written about Mars from many angles over the years. This energy is best expressed in an upfront manner. If you let


I’m Sick Of Feeling Stuck And Unhappy In My Life!

The feeling you get when you break through some kind of block or barrier in your life in incomparable. Uranus transiting a Fixed sign is going to help people break our of ruts over the next six years. I wrote this for a client: “You’ve got to move beyond stating what the problems are and start

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The Plague, 1898 Arnold Böcklin

Astrology & Malevolent Forces

If you’ve got Scorpio, Pluto or the 8th house emphasized in your chart, you’ve probably felt attracted towards the shadow side of life or what society considers to be taboo. I have a packed 8th house and I’ve spent the majority of my life dealing or healing or helping in ways that are unseen. I

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