What happens when Saturn transits your natal Venus?

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What To Expect When Saturn Transits Venus or Mars in Leo

I was talking to a client about transiting Saturn in Aquarius transiting opposite natal Venus and Mars in Leo. It’s a bit stupid, because I have Venus in Leo, myself.  I was so focused on this other chart I didn’t even think about this when I explained the effects. If you’re having this transit now

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Saturn Transit The First House, Square Venus

This morning’s client has Saturn transiting her first house while squaring her Venus in Virgo.  This is an example of a “double whammy”. Venus transiting Saturn as it opposes the Venus-ruled, seventh house. Some people don’t realize that any planet transiting the first house will aspect the seventh, but it you think about it, it’s obvious.

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Will Work For Love: Saturn Transit Through The 7th House

If you read about Saturn transits to Venus or the 7th house you’ll often read you will be deprived (Saturn) or love and relationship (Venus / 7th house). People read this stuff and it worries them. I’m here to tell you otherwise. It’s true some people may be without relationship during a Saturn transit to

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