October 2008

Destiny, Past Lives…Blame The Victim? How About Letting The Victim (me) Speak For Themselves?

Carielle writes on Destiny, Past Lives – Various Theories…. “The thing that irks / bothers me about this line of thought is that possibility that people can get into a “blame the victim” mentality — bad shit is happening to a person (illness, financial woes, cheating lover, whatever, etc.) — man, they must have really

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Aquarian Woman Falls For Scorpio Man – Now What?

Dear Elsa, I have been friends with a Scorpio male for a few years and I always had a thing for him. Now he knows my feelings and is slowly falling for me (I THINK). I am an Aquarius and since we have been friends we have a great understanding of each other and have

Client Testimonial: “Difficult To Ask For Help…”

Recommendations from clients. Christy writes: “For people such as myself who find it difficult to ask for help, Elsa’s compassion is the perfect companion to astrological advice. Her grasp of the language of astrology was easily accessible through her warmth and willingness to deconstruct my chart’s aspects. I found this invaluable. I have explored numerous

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