October 2014

Family Matriarch

A man in his forties is engaged to be married. His mother doesn’t like the woman. It doesn’t really matter if she has good cause or not. She does not like the woman, she is never going to like the woman; consequently no one in the family is going to be at ease, until and


Saturn In Sagittarius – Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person

That’s a close approximation of my grandfather’s chart. Think he’s got enough Saturn and Sagittarius?  Think he might have been a teacher/preacher? If you’ve not read this series – Henry in his own words – Desert Philosopher and Authentically Interesting Person – you’re in luck!   Expose yourself and be amazed. There is a link at

Restless bill mather

Sagittarius – How Restless Are You?

Sagittarius is a restless sign. It likes to move. Moon in Sagittarius feels at home, traveling. Mercury in Sagittarius has a mind the runs. Jupiter in Sagittarius does not want to be confined, etc. When Saturn hits the sign, people who have planets in Sagittarius will feel pressured to take responsibility for their restlessness. The’ll want to work

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Running Around As Society Collapses

Most would agree, these are interesting times.  Just look at that chart. First, let your eye focus on the green lines. They indicate ease. Mars is involved, Jupiter is involved, Uranus, Venus and the Sun are involved. That’s a lot of positive energy, all working together. People are somehow buoyed at this time. They have some

scorpio box

What To Do Before Saturn Leaves Scorpio

Saturn will enter Sagittarius on December 24, 2014. He’ll revisit Scorpio, briefly, June through early September, 2015. Then that’s it. Scorpio will stew on things.  But when planets move into Sagittarius people want to move. They want to leave the swamp behind.  Or the cesspool, if you can handle that word.  They want leave pain behind and

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