August 2018

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Check Yourself – Are You Headed In The Right Direction?

Jeez, it’s been an odd summer.  But things are beginning to straighten out now and there are a lot of positive indicators, personally speaking. For one thing, it’s been a year since this site was so badly hacked.  We worked hard to lock it down and the security systems we have in place have held. […]

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Venus, Mars, Uranus T-Square: September, 2018 – Violent Upheaval

We’re all thinking about Saturn turning direct in Capricorn. Meantime there’s a T-square forming. We’re bound to see vicious attacks with this, along with a lot of surprising turns in relationships, both personal and professional.  Money stuff will be impacted as well. The T-square involves Venus, Mars and Uranus.  It’s a complex mess and it

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What If I’m Not Cut Out To Be Married?

We often hear that not all people are cut out to be married.  We hear about how society pressured these people to marry in the past.  We’ve swung so far in the other direction, people who ARE cut out to be married never have this occur to them! Some people have charts that are clearly

Scorpio Man Withholds Sex From Aries Woman With Moon In Pisces

Hello Elsa, I’ve been reading some of your posts in reference to Scorpio manipulation. I’m looking for the path to freedom of my mind. My Scorpio man isn’t having sex with me and we normally have sex every day. I know that the truth cannot be questioned. Truth is truth. I’m an Aries sun and

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