February 2019

Man standing on his head on top a mountain

Does Being Narrow-Minded Ruin Relationships?

A gal asked me to refresh this post in regards to suffering due a “mistake of the intellect”. Here you go… My husband and I met when we were teenagers.  We talk ten times a day. It’s fair to say we know each other very well.  But people are so complex. Projection, imagination and your

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Chiron And Authenticity: How I Learned To LOVE Myself – And What Does That Even MEAN

Chiron in Pisces explored hidden damage in ourselves and how we connect to all of life. This encompasses cultural programming and the ways we hurt ourselves behind the scenes. In Aries, Chiron has crossed that divide from the end back to the beginning. We’re starting over in Chironic spring on the Aries point. We are

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