April 2022

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Should You Relocate A Progressed Chart?

Some astrologers will cast a progressed chart in their birth city. I believe this is the default setting on astrodienest. Provided you have your own program, it’s more common to cast a progressed chart in the current city. This is my preference but I’ve never explained why.  Today, I’ll fix this. If you move a […]

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Pride & Regret

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out why people maintain what amounts to  a death grip on their denial.  I understand the truth can be earth-shattering but the lies people will cling to are often quite silly. It occurred to me that pride would be one reason. A person may not want to experience regret. 

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Meat For The Scorpio Moon

This weekend, I came across a story I wrote in 2002. I asked about it here but no one responded in five or six hours. I don’t know how to parse that kind of void. It’s definitely not encouraging. I spoke with a friend about the story – it’s my personal favorite of everything I’ve


Falling From Grace

I have a lifelong habit of falling from grace.  I don’t think this can be avoided with a chart like mine, with Neptune on the Midheaven among other things. I am always nervous when people elevate me in some way because as hard as I try to do well in my life, I am guaranteed

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