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Émile FriantI’m out of ideas so if you have a juicy question – now’s the time! I invite you to send questions on any topic.

Astrology questions, philosophical questions, questions about personal problems, curiosities…whatever you’ve got, you feel is a curiosity that would fit the blog. I want to challenge myself, but I also want to challenge you. We have many interesting discussions around here, I’d like to get more of this going.

It’s best if you keep your question concise. Just think of it showing up on the blog. You want people to read it and be immediately engaged in this thing you’re passionate or curious about.

I’ll try to answer any and all questions, if I can make them work for the blog. I also may edit what you submit, for clarity and brevity. You’ll be anonymous, though you can identify yourself in the comments of your question if you like.  Please use email! 

It’s also nice if you include your location. City, state, country, whatever. Culture is important. This adds interest to these posts.

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140 thoughts on “Invitation To Send Questions About Astrology & Life!”

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    Deborah L. Strifler

    There is a generation that has saturn-neptune conjunct in libra. Were we just meant to have difficult people in our lives?

  2. Saturn/Neptune conjunct in my 7th house.Always believed in a “knight in shining armour” and for the most part, my husband has lived up to a lot of my fairy tales.. I like being a queen, too.. as we have aged,some of the gleam is a bit tarnished but overall, but we both expect a lot of each other..I believe our mutual support through thick and thin,of one another, has been my saving grace in this lifetime.Abandoned mostly by my parents, but had a wonderful loving grandmother raise me.Security and the dream of an “ideal family” has always hounded me, and i got married young so I could GET ONE of my own.. . Of course I don’t believe so much in fairy tales any longer (2020 and the past few years have certainly changed a lot in my life..) but overall,I believe in Love.

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    Sofia Zarkadoula

    how do intercepted planets and signs unlock?? I have at least four planets intercepted and feel their energy is so weak.

    1. I’m sorry, Sofia. I use Equal houses… where there is no such thing as an intercepted planet.
      I’m sorry you feel your planets are “weak”. I don’t think this idea is real.

    2. hi sofia – thought I’d reply as I’ve done some reading around intercepted houses / planets. There’s a school of thought that says the interception brings the planet into focus in this lifetime, that the person perceives themselves as weak in this particular area, but in fact they are developing great strength in regards to that planet/house combination. There may be an early experience that has brought the perceived inadequacy into focus. I’ve not done a huge amount of charts, but a couple of times it has really seemed to ring true.

      1. Thanks, that is a useful point as there is not much info about intercepted signs and planets.
        Gemini – Sagittarius axis is intercepted with venus Jupiter uranus Neptune and the nodes in these signs.. however I have to mention that I have only one trine in my chart, Neptune-sun so I feel that I don’t receive opportunities or lucky breaks when needed. My chart is full of oppositions and inconjunctions and a nasty t square with apex asc square sun and Saturn. My Jupiter in Sagittarius should be a great support but it is rx and intercepted.. venus, my sun ruler intercepted too.

        1. yah – I’ve got saturn t-square too – it squares my uranus/asc (exactly) and my 7th house jupiter retro (widely). Definitely not a fun one! But lots of sag (5 planets in first house sag). I have saturn in 9th house leo (intercepted). I think of it as an opportunity to apply saturnine discipline to sag’s creativity – sort of learning how to harness the wayward jupitarian energy. I’d say it is wise to focus on these placements of yours – inc the t-square – but think of it as an opportunity to hone your soul. Think about how diamonds are made, y’know.. I also think it helps to believe you have chosen this path, including the difficulty of it, as then you can learn to work with it. It can be tempting to resent that oppressive saturnine energy but ultimately it is there to help you, even if it feels difficult. Hope that helps a bit. Best of luck!

          1. Thanks for your helpful comments.. the t square with asc sun and Saturn is hard. I am a leo asc and not being noticed because of Saturn squaring it was a major cause of disappointment. However overtime I have made steps to not undersell my skills and abilities and to also grow mentally/emotionally to be able to claim authority for my self. I have become a bit wiser over the years. The resentment you mentioned is easy to feel and since I have a very resentful moon in Scorpio I am now more aware of it and working on it so it doesn’t eat me from the inside..
            My t square is going to be hit by Pluto soon forming a grand cross.. that is going to be a difficult time..

            1. it might be the making of you..might show you the missing element – ie complete the square so you can integrate all four fixed points…

        2. My cardinal Cross and all those squares have been quite motivating in my lifetime. Especially with Capricorn present, there can be a DRIVE to get ahead, to accomplish, that can be very fruitful over a lifetime.. maybe look into some of the ways astrologers frame the planetary aspects as motivating rather than “weak” or “bad.” A lot of what we experience in life is determined by our mind set , the filters we use. A redefinition of planets and aspects might be helpful..more in depth study of astrology..I love Betty Lundtead’s books (have to buy used on old book sites) and all of Elsa’s reports could be most useful. We have personal power to work with our charts..ALso lots of free classes by Deborah Silverman,check out her facebook pages.. I like to study with all these astrologers, and use my own experiences as an astrologer, to make the most of the given talents as well as figuring out the lessons..

  4. Are there mutual receptions between peoples charts?

    Example: Uranus in Scorpio for person X

    Pluto in Aquarius for person Y

    This is hypothetical because Pluto is Aquarius only babies now.

  5. what is the effect of pluto in trines and sextiles?thinking about what will pluto in Aquarius effect be on Aries, Sagittarius, libra and gemini

  6. How can we use our natal charts and astrology regarding health? Are there resources to check into? I know I have Hygeia in Leo/5th House but how do I put that into context with the rest of the natal chart?

    1. I’m not a medical astrologer so I may not be the best person to ask…

      But I look at the 6th house and the ascendant (the physical body), always.

      I also consider the planet that rules the problem area. Teeth and bones/ Saturn for example.
      Good luck!

  7. I would like to know more about abandoning your friends in favor of a flavor of the month type relationship/addiction. For those who cannot do 12 step programs or stuff like that. I know you say certain problems solve themselves but I figured I’d ask anyway. How does one find deeper meaning in “the chart”

  8. I’m a Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon married to a Virgo stellium. If trines are supposed to be good synastry, why the hell does his aloofness hurt so much? My Capricorn Moon needs reassurance and he just can’t seem to give it. He was so loving in the first months of our relationship and now it’s like pulling teeth to get him to acknowledge me. I’ve tried everything I can. All I can think to do now is to let him initiate contact and to let him lead. Maybe that’s his Leo Moon throwing the wrench in what are otherwise supposed to be great dynamics. We’re busy, we’re in a long distance relationship, so there’s a lot in the way …. but he can’t be bothered to acknowledge me every day or two? Something’s wrong here.

  9. How can one deal with malefics transiting the vocational houses? I have pluto in 6th house squaring my natal Saturn pluto conjunction in 4th house.. never ending crises and destruction in employment that destroys my home safety. This back and forth in Capricorn is painful. I also have Uranus transiting my 10th.. it won’t let me get a job, (not even something I would like) sabotages all my efforts and I am exhausted. Malefics are hitting hard vocation and home safety planets and houses..This is a survival crisis, any help?

    1. maybe aim for a job that reflects these plutonic forces? I’ve had uranus transitting my sixth…just starting to get into the groove as it’s about to pass into the seventh. init just the way.

      1. pluto transiting the 6H is vile. you are meant to serve others. it forces you to take up the most menial jobs to learn how to be humble. there’s no room for ambitions or career planning. Pluto won’t let you have a stable job with steady decent income. it’s only what’s in the bottom. i tried to move to other industries, I went back to school, I thought I could compromise with something different, nothing works.. I wonder what will happen once it leaves my 6H. what’s the transformation? I spent all my younger years doing nothing while my peers gained experience and skills that helped them. i m not sure i like plutonic jobs.. how was Uranus transiting your 6H? i can tell you in my 10H is just unemployment

        1. I could see Pluto bringing in a powerful career change in the 6th.. digging deep..finding one’s true calling.. maybe even working in the underworld, the underground, in secret,government agencies, etc.. but probably only after something blows up first, like the prior career!! I hope you find your personal power in this! !

          1. thanks Madeline,
            all those years with Pluto in my 6H I dealt with a lot of what it represents.. late night work, a lot of cleaning, shady employers, cash in hand jobs, instability, insecurity.. the saturn pluto conjunction in my 6H squared my mc and put an end in these jobs. It hasn’t brought anything new but it’s in late 6H degrees still. I really hope I can find a new career path after what I ve been through. Uranus is going to exit my 10H in 2024 but will retrograde. I want to find my true calling!!

  10. Can astrology be helpful in guiding a parent in helping their child to develop their potential or overcome some unique challenge? I’d like to believe that each parent has ability to teach their child something unique that the child would really benefit from, some challenge that may be indicated in child’s chart that parent has unique experience in. Parent may need to do some work of their own in order to be able to benefit their child in this aspect. I understand that an answer to this would have to be a more in depth analysis of charts of parent and child…Curious what your thoughts are on this!

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    Anastasia Christou

    Astrology and being a work-aholic? How do you get unstuck from working so hard for others/other people’s money. I seem to crave the security and structure of a demanding job yet I yearn to get motivated to put some time aside for yourself…even for pure joy like drawing/painting.

    1. A strong Saturn and/or Capricorn in vocational houses gives workaholism so you need to check your venus in your chart and your 5H to see what keeps you from enjoying life. Uranus in transit also helps you break free from unpleasant patterns.
      I have natal 6H in Capricorn and I have been working long and hard for many years so now Uranus came to my 10H since 2015 and liberated me. It’s not exactly how I want it but at least I don’t feel the urge to work all day long as I did..

      1. Im such a beginner to all this but Yes, I have heavy Saturn in my chart – Capricorn Sun/Asc and I have a moon in Aquarius.
        Saturn in my 5H Taurus.
        Venus is in my 11H in Scorpio. Intense much?
        My Manager asked me why I cant ask the Team for help (Capricorn dont show weakness?) and wanted to know what was up with that? So I need to look at Uranus transit?

        1. It makes sense now, Saturn sits on your 5H (hobbies, recreation, creativity etc) putting obstacles in those issues. Saturn is about responsibilities. Your Venus is in fall, the energy to enjoy life is very weak and Scorpio is a very insecure sign and represents our fears in life. Not been able to ask for help is a trauma based reaction shows you were not supported much as a child and had to take care of yourself maybe. It’s a good thing though you have a supportive Saturn in your chart because it can be a painful malefic energy. It gave you a career. Look at your moon to see what psychological patterns you need to work on as well

          1. I’m sorry to say but I find your interpretations to constantly fall on the side of pessimism and defeat. I think a greater study with some experienced astrology teachers could be so helpful in helping you deepen your understanding of the planets, signs, aspects, and also our FREE WILL to make life fulfilling.I am sorry to say most of your posts are pretty depressing.I would not counsel others in this manner. Not to be disrespectful,here,Sophie, but I believe Elsa’s space is about honesty and I think your interpretations and the language you use to describe astrology are very dis-empowering. Deb Silvermans classes,many of them free, could help you open your mind and spirit to some more empowering interpretations.. “painful malefic energy” and “the energy to enjoy life is weak..” “Scorpio is a very insecure sign..” All not very helpful, in my opinion unless you go a LOT further..

  12. This lunar eclipse hit me straight between the eyes (I live in Greece, so I got the chance to see it close by), as it helped me stop the self-sabotage I got myself into back in 2014, when I still was in a heavily abusive relationship that made me question my self worth to the point of suicidal ideation (I believe that the pivotal moments for this phase were the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 25, 2013 and the solar eclipse in Taurus on April 29, 2014, both hitting hard my natal Moon in Scorpio, just like the current one). How shall I use the current astrological climate, along with the lunar eclipse, in order to start over, free of self-sabotage? (I am a Cancer with Scorpio Moon and Capricorn rising.) Thank you in advance?

    1. You are focusing on the wrong configuration here. it’s not about the eclipse it’s about your moon. one of the most painful placements. the emotional wounds are deep and intense. hurts like hell. Therapy us the only way out but once you sort it out it’s a blessing. there are no easy recipes for this kind of situations I m afraid. you need to take hard decisions and stick to them no matter what. hope other transits help you eg Neptune from pisces or pluto from Capricorn. this is your moment, take care

      1. Hi Sophie,
        Thank you very much. Shockingly enough, the lunar eclipse unleashed the obsession and the self-sabotage of my natal Scorpio, as if the Scorpio Moon itself weren’t enough. Furthermore, Matthew Perry had Scorpio Moon almost same degree as mine and this made me ponder a lot about things, as I dealt with alcohol, anti-anxiety meds and abusive relationships in the past. On the day Matthew died, without being aware of his death yet, it was the day I had had enough of my self-immolation, though I still don’t know what exactly prompted me to say “enough is enough”. Powerful, very powerful.

        1. I would reckon it is Saturn trine your moon in pisces. it will also trine your sun and sextile your asc. Saturn is holding us accountable for what we’ve done so far. it puts restrictions, boundaries and wants you to work hard now. it’s the responsibilities. it could punish but now it gives you a chance..seize the planetary moment..

        2. Gerogia,It’s important not to catastrophize powerful planetary placements.After some self care and therapy, I see a lot of potential for caring for others without being a doormat (Cancerian energies here, plus and minus..) and with Capricorn Rising you DO have the ability to buckle down and do the hard work it takes to get ahead in life. And probably NEED someo concrete, important goals to add to your self esteem and sense of purpose on this earth. Moon in Scorpio— your heavy and powerful emotions surely need an outlet! Many people with addiction issues go on to work with and counsel others and make a huge impact . Is that a possibility for you?I have always thrived under SATURN transits, I have Cap. Moon and STRUCTURE, HARD WORK and GOAL SETTING actually PAY OFF in the real world! (Where we have to live!) Moon in Scorpio almost always benefits from serious therapy.. maybe you’ve already been here done that. I see a lot of powerful potential here but need to get off the “malefic” view of planets and natal placements and see though to the power of it all.. and work with the energies ..Capricorn rising usually accomplishes quite a bit in career! Good luck!

          1. Thank you so much, Madeline, for your insightful answer! Hope you enjoy your holidays.

            Since the time I wrote this comment, a lot of things finally showed up: I am forming my own heavy metal band and I decided that once my band becomes highly successful, I am due to move on from teaching. It is not that I don’t love teaching; the change in me occurred because I realized a new way of teaching people, something that doesn’t involve learning things mindlessly, but by using their critical thinking and intuition. I am due to get an academic post soon, which will help me get closer to my goals in financial terms. Until then, I know there are many things to do, but Matthew Perry’s death was indeed a slap on my face, since I can’t even stand alcohol at times (I stick to beer, because cocktails tend to be a bit contaminated in some venues). Now that Matthew Perry’s cause of death is revealed, I am even more determined to stick to my guns.

            I do sense that I am here to perform good things, and my 1st house Aquarius North Node is indeed a humanitarian. At some point, I am thinking of studying as an entertainment lawyer or something for performers’ and artists’ rights. It was due to the fact that artists and performers in my country are rather frowned upon, so I followed a rather conventional path. However, I desire to help people realize that not only can they pursue their artistic tendencies, but they DESERVE to earn money and live purposefully and with dignity through their art.

      2. Had to check Saturn transits, and it looks like it will return close to the degree of my Moon in a few months in order to form an exact trine again. I definitely should perform a ritual to thank this planet!

  13. Good morning Elsa hope all is well with you and yours , let me start w my chart as I know it , I’m a sag sun,rising,Neptune,Venus ,NN w a Gemini Uranus moon , but I also have Gemini southnode as well w a stelium in Scorpio with a mercury,mars conjunction Uranus there as well at 0 degrees . Now my question is how do I navigate my moon from my south node and also how do I find the balance between sag/Gemini ! My sag says I know but my Gemini says we need to learn more ,
    please help this confused New Yorker .
    Thanks Elsa

  14. Please, if you want me to answer your question, you should email.

    Also, this is not an offer to do personal consultations for no charge. The questions need to be interesting to people at large, rather than just one individual.

  15. Had to check Saturn transits, and it looks like it will return close to the degree of my Moon in a few months in order to form an exact trine again. I definitely should perform a ritual to thank this planet!

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    Deborah L. Strifler

    Ideas for new questions about astrology and life -This is Debby in Kansas.
    1. squares in the chart. Mine are 1H pluto, sun, s.node in leo. 4H mars in scorpio, 7H n.node in aquarius, 10H jupiter in taurus. I don’t expect you to go this specific, but I think that squares are a BIG problem! They all are within 4 degrees.

    1. I can only say that in my own and my clients’s charts,squares give DRIVE. I have accomplished a lot in this lifetime, and always felt energized and challenged by the “challening” aspects..I never got to “coast” in life.. but, in my retirement, have a lot to look back on that I canbe proud of. I have a Grand Cross, so many squares it isn’t even funnY! AND I have led a mostly fulfilling life..even when the worse happens (family illness,personal ilness, loss of careers, etc..) I have always believed we have the power to draw on the STRENGTHS of our natal chart to help us through.. I met my highest achievements under Saturn aspects.

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