Pluto Transit The 12th House (mine) – Culmination – Spine Healing – update

Venus and MarsA month has passed. I want to update this post with current pics. Original post:

I wanted to make contact prior to the full moon in Pisces taking place late tomorrow night.  It’s luscious and delicious. I want to get this harsh Mars in Aries breaching the Cancer hull, Capricorn bone stuff out of the way. It’s dramatic and should be written when the sky is acute.

I’m pretty sure my surgery was an insane success. I have to judge this from my skewed perspective but one thing is for sure, it was dramatic and unexpectedly emotional for a number of people; most notably, my surgeon, who I really don’t know.

He went in the side as planned, and lifted my vertebrae off the nerves. I know this because when I woke up and they came to come help me out of bed, I was able to get out of bed on my own. It’s something, considering my iliopsoas tendon has been cut on one side, but I could to it very easily.

The PT gal and my nurse stood by waiting for me to need help, but I did not need help.  Instead, I stood right up. When I felt both feet on the ground, evenly, I exclaimed, “Oh my God, he fixed my back!”

Well, they weren’t expecting that. I explained I had no back pain whatsoever. I told them I could feel the incision, period. I said that I could easily walk, which I did. I went down the hall with a walker which I did not need.

Nobody could understand this and I couldn’t understand it either because I don’t work on ortho floor or a hospital. I do know the next morning they asked me about stairs. I said I was pretty sure I could climb them.  “Show me,” the gal, said.  I followed her to a door that led to stairs. “Can you use them?”

“Definitely.”My lumbar spine scolosis

Grabbing both rails. I walked down the stairs at a speed that would not bug anyone.  I turned at the bottom of them.  “Can you come back up?”

“Yes,” I said, “And this causes me no pain. He’s fixed my back – it is fixed, that’s why I can do this! I cannot believe he’s actually fixed this…”

She had me follow her to a PT room to get a stick-grabber and a sock-helper.  We wound through the corridors. It was there, she told me I was the best spine patient she’d seen in her entire career. “Really?” I asked, stupidly. But how am I to know?  “I’ve never seen a spine patient walk this far. They’re lucky to make it to the end of the first hall.”

I hadn’t seen my surgeon yet but I had seen his PA who attended the surgery.  “You tell him, he fixed my back. How long did it take him?” I asked. “How long did it take him to fix this after all these years?”

“He was in there about an hour, I think”, she said.

“Well that’s insane. He’s taken away pain I’ve lived with for twenty-one years, in an hour? Someone let him know. Tell him he fixed my back and I am beyond grateful. I just can’t thank him enough. I can stand up straight now so of course I can walk.

Will finish later…


spine repairI had follow-up appointment with my surgeon last week. I reported my pain level – ZERO. I am currently trying to figure out how to live without pain.  It’s been many, many years. Every day I wait up and marvel at my lack of pain. Never mind, the discrepancy between my leg lengths has been resolved.

This little thing here is all it took to fix me. Talk about Pluto and little things meaning a lot. It’s the SPACE, I’d like you to note.  It looks glorious to me. Those two vertebrae were bone on bone, crushing nerves. Look at all that space! No wonder, I was able to get up and walk around after surgery. That’s a picture of someone without a back problem!

My surgeon took me from being a person with a back no one would touch, to a person with a back no one needs to touch! I still have a curve in my back. I understand, post fusion, the other vertebrae tend to go wonkers. But I don’t think this is going to be the case for me, in the foreseeable future. I was going to be a gnarled old troll; instead I can walk in a room, and stand tall.

It is nearly unbelievable, my life and my future could be changed so completely, post these surgeries.  This was the sixth spine surgeon I consulted about my back.

Never give up!

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  1. Congrats! That’s amazing!!! I’m a veterinarian and have helped in spinal surgeries on dogs. Your results are amazing!! So happy for you!

  2. Woo Hoo! Wonderful news that began when we learned you got your surgeon back. So many here had you and your surgical team in our thoughts and prayers. We know miracles follow miracles and wonders abound. You Elsa, are a wonder and a miracle. (((Elsa)))

  3. This *is* truly amazing! Just read the original post; I, too, have been away from the blog for a bit. The world has been in so much pain, that it is emotional ? to hear something finally going right! Thank God??
    Take some time to rest and heal. I’m so glad you are out of pain. There are so many types of pain with these 12th transits but to know you’ve had back pain that long too is ?
    Be well?? Maybe Pluto crossing into 1st will => transformation complete!

  4. Hi Elsa,
    Wonderful news!! Sending you love light and prayers for a complete recovery.
    Sending special Blessings to your amazing surgeon??
    Aries Rising

  5. You’re a tough cookie, Elsa! From a fellow 12th House in Capricorn I have the upmost admiration for you! Keep us posted on your progress, please; you’re definitely an example to all! Yay on your surgery and surgeon but mostly to you! Blessings.

  6. Thank you Elsa! Bless you, bless You! Bless YOU!!!
    You continue to bring understanding, hope, and light to the world. Especially to me who is also Cap & Libra dominate.

  7. I was able to drive today. The limitation is tied to being on pain drugs, which I’m off now, except at night.

    I really can’t believe how fast this is resolving, as compared to the years it’s taken me to find a surgeon.

  8. That’s great news! You’ve been lifted of Atlas burden and don’t have to carry on with a bended back. Reading standing tall made me a bit emotional, lol. This is great.

  9. I just wanted to add; people facing surgery like this will read the internet and scare themselves to death. I had plenty of people tell me to never have back surgery… I would regret it until the day I died. “You’ll never be the same again…”

    Remarks like this are followed up with first or second or thirdhand stories of doom.

    Unfortunately, people with positive outcomes, have no need to look for help on the internet… so they rarely post anything. I hope this does give people hope, especially if you’re in anywhere near the condition I was.

  10. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Thanks for the update and sharing the X-ray – so fascinating and amazing. Glad to hear things are still on the upswing – yay!

  11. Amazing story! Oh, I do love these happy endings. You really deserve it – the wait, the aggravation, the insurance run around.

    It was all worth it to get the best surgeon and hence the best result.

  12. Just checking in on you Elsa. Hope your healing is continuing wonderfully and that your living a pain-free existence. With Pluto crossing over my 26 degree Cap ascendent in a couple of months, everything is tying itself up – in about one months time I will have two perfectly healthy knees for the first time in 30 something years. My book I started writing 20 years ago is one month away from finishing, and I’m just finishing up rehabbing a workplace injury that occurred this year – least to say that Pluto squaring my sun this last two years has been brutally and relentlessly demanding. But the new path beckons early next year and one that I’ve been preparing for my whole life really. Please do fill us in on your Pluto/ascendent journey when you get the chance. ?

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