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Tips For People Having Neptune Transits

In working with clients having Neptune transits, I’m cautious in what I say. People are suggestible under a Neptune transit. It’s important to realize you have free will. Beware an astrologer coming ’round telling you that X and Y and Z was going to happen, as if your life is completely out of your hands. Under […]

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How To Survive A Neptune Transit

On my last post, How Do Neptune and Pluto Transits Compare? Amreen writes: It would be great to have tips and guidelines on coping with such Neptunian transits, including ways to identify that we’re deluding ourselves . When it comes to outer planet transits, your best bet is always to lean in. Outer planets represent

What Are The Effects Of Outer Planet Transits?

Outer planet transits hit hard.  They change your life. When Pluto transited my Sun, I wrote on an astrology mailing list about my encounter with the business end of Scorpio. It had been years since I ran into such intensity.  I was simultaneously wrecked and empowered, but above all, I was changed.

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What Happens When An Outer Planet Transit Ends?

Hi Elsa! My question is about what happens after the transit. Neptune is squaring my natal neptune and I am in it! Meditating, praying, volunteering, becoming a Catholic. I am very Neptunian natally, but this is wonderfully all encompassing. But what happens when the transit passes? How much of these joyous neptune feelings will remain?

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