March 2018

What’s Wrong With Venus In Virgo?

A man sent me this: But here’s the thing – and I’ve wanted to say this forever: I’ve seen you talk about this Saturn/Venus thing for a long long time, and it’s true. Saturn is a killer. Venus can be crushed (or bolstered!) by Saturn… we’ve seen both things happen. But Venus in Virgo is

venus and mars Wengraf

What If Venus Is Badly Aspected?

Hi Elsa! You write about ‘frustrated mars’ quite frequently. How bad is a jacked up Venus, compared to that, in a chart? Thanks from India Good question, India. While a poorly aspected Venus can cause a lot of problems, I do see Mars in a different class. This is because Mars is a malefic planet. 

two lovers

Venus In The Natal Chart: Love & Money You Keep

I’m continuing to sort through old content on the site. I ran across a post someone wrote; they’re all excited about a “new man”.  I thought to myself, oh no!  Because I know that a new man is usually followed by another “new man” and then another and then another and another after that.  You

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