July 2020

Exactly What Is A Solar Return Chart?

A solar return chart is cast for the day and time the Sun (solar) returns to the exact place it was when you were born. Generally this occurs on your birthday but on occasion it happens the day before or the day after. Your solar return chart stands alone, independent from your natal chart. Most […]

jupiter enthroned

“How Tragic Is Your Scenery?”

With the pressure brought on by the conjunction in Capricorn, I’ve noticed something remarkable.  Ten years ago… five years ago, fifteen years, people spent a lot of time and energy, looking back.  They would look at their childhood, past relationship breakups, whatever difficulties they had. They’d sift through these things looking for a variety of

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The Danger Every Sagittarius Needs to Avoid

Everyone knows Sagittarius to be curious and open-minded, always looking over the next horizon. They seek and they search and they are always ready with a new question about what it all means. This can be both enlivening and frustrating, but it is also necessary. The real danger emerges when the seeking stops.

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