Invitation To Send Questions About Astrology & Life!

Émile FriantI’m sick of site migration. It takes me out of the creative realm.  I want to get back in the other frame of mind so if you have a juicy question – now’s the time to ask! I invite you to send questions on any topic.

Astrology questions, philosophical questions, questions about personal problems, curiosities…whatever you’ve got, that you feel is a curiosity that would fit the blog. I want to challenge myself, but I also want to challenge you. We have many interesting discussions around here, I’d like to get more of this going.

It’s best if you keep your question concise. Just think of it showing up on the blog. You want people to read it and be immediately engaged in this thing you’re passionate or curious about.

I’ll try to answer any and all questions, if I can make them work for the blog. I also may edit what you submit, for clarity and brevity. You’ll be anonymous, though you can identify yourself in the comments of your question if you like.  Please use email! [email protected]

It’s also nice if you include your location. City, state, country, whatever. Culture is important. This adds interest to these posts.

That’s it – lets have some fun with this!  [email protected]

30 thoughts on “Invitation To Send Questions About Astrology & Life!”

  1. Elsa,
    The new site is fabulous. Great Job! Everything is here, just like before, but it is fresh and clean.

  2. 1. Great site!!!

    2. What is your take on the astrology of freak accidents? What planets are active and/or have adverse to trigger the freak accident?

  3. Super shallow topic, but I just read an article on how millennials in their 30/40s look younger than the next generation (because of fillers, heavy makeup etc). So – I hear venus rules personal beauty but what about beauty standards at a given time? Thinking about the difference of growing up with 90s supermodels vs with social media filters.

  4. Elsa, I couldnt get the submit form to work on email.

    Im not bashful though. Ill post it here.

    Dear Elsa,, tough question challenge accepted ! I wanted to ask what a world ending Apocalypse would look like in astrology. Say the Mayan and Biblical and religious prophecies came true and there was a pole shift or Nibiru, flood,, something huge that destroyed most of the earth and population, wouldnt it be a astrological transit? What would be the harshest transit and configuration in the stars?


  5. Hi Elsa! I had trouble with the form submitting as well.

    My question is about the 22nd degree. The “Kill or Be Killed” degree. I saw a post on reddit about this, did some digging and it does seem that the 22nd degree often shows up in charts of murderous or murdered people, as well as event charts. What’s your take? The 18th degree has a reputation as well from what I have seen.

    1. I don’t buy this at all, I’m sorry. I think it’s random as you can find many non-murder 22 degree people and many murder non-22 people.

      Same with the 18th.

      Life is not that simple. This is the kind of thing that gets new parents, with a baby, 22 degrees, whatever, worried out of their mind, for no cause.

  6. Hi Elsa,

    Here a question from The Netherlands, Europe. I would like to know which computer program do you use? Is it something that has been tailor-made for you?

    1. I use Kepler, but this is because I have been using it since it was a DOS program in the early 90’s. I have A LOT of data.

      I do not have a custom program, but all of these programs are customizable. Unless it’s changed, Solar Fire, is the program that has dominated the market in the last twenty years.

      1. I am taking an advanced astrology class. My teacher, a long-time astrologer, owns Kepler, Solar Fire, Pegasus, Win Star, SIRIUS and others. Recommends SIRIUS to students. Says that Solar Fire, a very popular program good for all levels, used to be the program that dominated the market but SIRIUS is now the leader and making the most consistent advances over the past few years. SIRIUS does everything that Pegasus and Kepler does plus a whole lot more.

  7. Hi Elsa,
    The request wouldn’t submit so I’m asking here. Just wondering if you know much or have experienced transit Pluto conjunct natal Mars. I have this now and wonder if I should be worried? From Canberra Australia. Thank you Ruth

  8. Elsa I find you so clever as to be so on the pluse of things. Is this all astrology knowledge coming through or more? It seems you are on the pulse of society. I feel you may be tapping into the UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS we all share. This Unity Community that you have built, Congratulations. The world needs this. You’ve found a way to share your gifts from God for the betterment of humanity/society. Thank you for this contribution. Lovin it, Jeni– Ohio

    1. Thank you! I have always liked to think! I have also always been pretty observant and I’ve always liked to help. On top of that, I’ve also always liked interaction and I’ve always liked to push the edge and I’ve always liked to have fun and learn from others.

      This site is a bartender’s site. And beginning when I was, 20 years old, I used to have an open forum in my (day) bar, after lunch and before happy hour. One of the customer’s would give me a topic, or a prompt, or even one word. I would take off with it, telling jokes and stories, or starting some kind of conversation or entertaining debate. I did this every day. It was popular and a fun challenge for me. Interactive storytelling, which is how my book written. I would tell some story bit, someone asked a question, I would answer it, adding to the story.

      This was back before people on the internet became so vicious. We were all just so happy to meet and greet and chat with each other. I think people could easily go back to this, but they’re too stubborn, and maybe some other things that go along with that..

  9. What are your thoughts on mental illness vs astrology?
    a lot of astrological personal traits can be interpreted as mental illness or a psychological problem
    cancers: anxious attachement
    uranus: avoidant attachement
    pluto: obsession
    virgo: OCD
    gemini: adhd
    so in your opinion which one is it?
    I personally found my self to deviate more towards astrology because it doesn’t give the sense of doom that psychology offers, what are your thoughts on this?

  10. Is it too late to ask a question? I know it takes all kinds, but I am wondering what factors in the chart can make someone simply unsuitable for marriage/partnering in the sense most think of it.

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