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Libra Burdened By Saturn Transit: Dealing With The Deep Divide And Political And Moral Conflict In The Collective

I’ve started writing about Saturn’s transit through Libra (tag), so far focusing on general affects in the collective. Saturn is exalted in Libra and while this goes a long way it is not going to spare Librans from shouldering a burden with Saturn in their sign and I am starting to get some ideas how […]


Scorpios! Love Them Or Hate Them, Libra Looks For Balance

Selkie writes on the What’s The Deal With Scorpio Freezing You Out: “I wasn’t tryin to vilify Scorpios, just balance out what I’d been reading for several months!” This post was written in 2007 in response the the passionate discussion the original piece provoked. With Saturn in Virgo I felt pressured to make a statement

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