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Conversations With Ben: Scorpio and Wounding

I was talking to Ben today on the phone. Another stop on my Saturn transit Venus tour of my relationships. We’ve known each other for 20 years: “Well we turned out okay. We’re all really good people,” I said. “I try to be a good person. In the end, I guess we made it.” “No. […]


Composite Charts vs Synastry – A Story To Illustrate: Part Three

My current man and I are very queer and we have a composite chart that will not quit! And this is a gift and a curse. Because at various times we have very much wanted to quit! And guess what? Too bad! ::laughs:: Too bad, so sad, SUCKERS!!! Now don’t mistake me. I love the

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Will Work For Love: Saturn Transit Through The 7th House

If you read about Saturn transits to Venus or the 7th house you’ll often read you will be deprived (Saturn) or love and relationship (Venus / 7th house). People read this stuff and it worries them. I’m here to tell you otherwise. It’s true some people may be without relationship during a Saturn transit to

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Saturn Transit Through the 7th House…Conjunct Venus: Online Dating, etc.

I currently have Saturn transiting my 7th house, applying to natal Venus. Saturn is all about reality. Venus and the 7th house – relationships. Just listen to me talk. ::smirks:: I believe the transit is in effect, people. 😛 I was on the phone with pal, Alexa. She’s a Gemini. Cancer rising, Cancer Moon.. “Well,

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