All about Capricorn! Sun, Moon, rising, etc…

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Capricorn And Rejection

Capricorn is sensitive to rejection.  If someone lets me know they don’t enjoy my company, I exit their life totally and permanently.  It’s easy to get rid of me . Just let me know you don’t want me there and you’ll not have a problem again! This is extreme in my case or so I’ve […]

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Venus In The Natal Chart: Love & Money You Keep

I’m continuing to sort through old content on the site. I ran across a post someone wrote; they’re all excited about a “new man”.  I thought to myself, oh no!  Because I know that a new man is usually followed by another “new man” and then another and then another and another after that.  You

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The Mega Capricorns Born In 1990, 1991, And 1993

There was large stellium in Capricorn between 1990-93.  Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune were all transiting the sign. The faster moving planets joined them at various times. Consequently there are people out there with their Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all in Capricorn. Some of them happen to be Capricorn rising as

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