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Living The Other Person’s Story

You meet someone and adopt their views or attitudes about things. You somehow adapt. Before you know it, you’re living the other person’s narrative. This might be a Libra codependence thing or maybe a Venus Neptune or Venus in Pisces problem. It might be a mutable thing or an open-minded thing. I don’t know. I only […]

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Out Of Bounds Stress Wreaking Havoc

With Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, the Mercurial signs, Gemini and Virgo can become quite stressed. Saturn in Pisces distorts reality and dissolves a person’s sense of control. The Cardinal signs are challenged. Uranus in Taurus is messing with the Fixed signs. Pluto in Aquarius in on it’s way, sure to exasperate the situation. All

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Neptune Mind Tricks & Blurred Reality

It’s been a long time since I wrote about my hologram, but Mercury is and will be highly emphasized over these next few months. Things come to mind and some of them seem worth sharing. I’ve used the phrase, “mistake of the intellect” which tracks to astrologer, James Braha, who I greatly respect. He states

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Consequences Of Collective Delusion

Do you remember Jupiter conjoining Neptune in Aquarius? This was around 2009. I wrote a bunch of posts about worldwide delusion. Legions of people began living in this huge idealistic, imagined utopia. The truth all but disappeared. Addiction expanded as well. This was probably the beginning of true “Internet addiction”.  People were addicted to the

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