Violence in all forms. Some posts may be graphic…

Vintage postcard

Violently Attacked? Defend Yourself Effectively At Your Own Risk: Scorpio, the 8th House and the Shadow Side of the Collective

satori and I, still talkin”, circa 2007… “I’ve taken out more than my share of perps,” I said. “But in a lot of the scenarios I can think of, I’m pretty sure I’d be struck, frozen in fear with the rest of the masses. I don’t have any judgment about that, it just is. Some […]

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The Cardinal Grand Cross and “Sudden Death”

When talking about Uranus squaring Pluto, the phrase “sudden death” comes to mind. I googled the phrase and pulled up it associated with heart attack and as the title of a movie but my personal association ties it to sport, (Wiki, sudden death – sport) where it describes a scenario in a game where the next point

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