December 2013

Gossip is a mortal sin

Last night I was reading about how gossiping is a mortal sin. I’ve never liked  gossip and I’ve never liked people who indulge in it. But I’ve never seen it treated in quite this way. The writer, Daniel A. Lord calls it the “commonest fault” and the “meanest of human instincts.”  He considers it cowardly, […]

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Scrabble Madness – Pluto Transit

I play a lot of phone scrabble lately. Mostly because it keeps me from leaping out of windows. I’m also having an intense Pluto transit. In one particular game, the actual picture of which I’ve posted, I played an unprecedented amount of “negative” words. My opponent sent me an instant message noting this, asking if

Finding Someone Who Can And Will Tell You What You Need (Or Want) To Know

I have Uranus and Pluto…and now Mars and Jupiter transiting my natal Mars Mercury conjunction in the 9th house. I’ll tell you something. I study aggressively. If I want to know something, I go right for the throat. I am lucky (9th) and possibly skilled (Mars) when it comes to ferreting out interesting information (Mercury).

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Bad Love Karma (Comes Home)

I routinely meet people who treat their partners poorly in an endless variety of ways. What kills me is they don’t seem to think it will catch up to them.  They believe they can leave a trail of bodies behind them and meet no consequence for their behavior down the road. I was talking to

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