February 2022

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Is Reality A Social Construct? What A Spokes-Thing?

Saturn is associated with “reality”. Aquarius is associated with humanity. I don’t claim to be particularly knowledgeable about the concept of reality being a social construct but it sure is interesting to contemplate. It’s relevant with Saturn (construction) in Aquarius. Aquarius us also associated with electronics, the Internet and social groups. If I detach and


Gaslighting, Self Defense For Pisces & Other Sensitive Types

I had a nice person tell me I had some kind of pathology yesterday.  I defended myself and I  thought nothing more of it. Today, I’m working on tomorrow’s newsletter which will dealing with all the planets moving into Pisces over these next weeks. It made me think of an old video which I’ve not

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Venus In Capricorn: Reject Them Before They Reject You

This was a follow on to this post: Capricorn And Rejection. A lot of people weighed in around how they handled being rejected. I wanted to expand the discussion. Venus is currently conjunct Mars in Capricorn. People don’t feel optimistic about relationships going well, do they’re busting all kinds of defensive (Saturn) moves. Specifically, you

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