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What Drives A Person To Abuse Others?

Hi Elsa, I’ve got a question. What do you think drives people that go through life using and abusing others? Using any opportunity they can to benefit? I think the term ‘Narcissist’ is used maybe too often, I mean, can ALL these types of users/abusers be Narcissists? How can they move through life knowing what […]


Which Charts Or Techniques Should Be Used To Address Different Issues?

Hi, Elsa. I wonder about the many astrological tools or approaches that are available: transits, midpoints, solar arc, progressed charts, natal + progressed, etc. What are your thoughts on which tools or approaches are best for what particular issues? If someone asks for your guidance do you just routinely look at natal & transits, do

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Vintage Astrology Blogging… The Freak That Is Elsa P Goes Skating

I wrote this astro story in 2003.  It’s funny/uncensored, revealing, free expression. Includes swearing!  Let’s go! Yay!  It’s also prelude to Pining For Reuben. ~~~ Kris said she was surprised I’d not seen, Gone With The Wind.  I responded: “Yeah, well I never saw Star Wars until twenty years after the fact. This in spite

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Mars attacks from space

Passive Aggressive: The Unconscious Mars

Astrologer, CF Perez, is interested in women and Mars. I was writing on her astrology mailing list some years ago. She was attracted how overtly I express Mars energy. We became friends. We both feel that many women (and some men) have problems expressing their Mars energy. I’m talking about their anger, their hunter instinct,

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Pluto and persephone

New Angle On Venus Pluto Aspects

I’ve been writing about ex-lovers (corpses) coming back around when Venus aspects Pluto.  Venus, Mars and Pluto are conjunct in Aquarius at the moment.  A longtime client hired me yesterday.  She wanted to talk about something I wrote in a consultation back in 2012.  Specifically, this: “In this mail, you reveal yourself as a woman

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